Our Activities

New Stuffs Donations:
1. Undergarments to 134 girls at Shradhanand Ananth Ashram, Nagpur.
2. Shorts to 45 mentally retarded children at Matru Sewa matimand hospital, Nagpur.

Old Stuffs Donations:
You can visit our facebook page for old stuff donation.

Food Party:
1. Cake Cutting at Shradhanand Ananth Ashram, Nagpur.
2. Evening Snacks Party at Matru Sewa Matimand Hostel, Nagpur.
3. Ice Gola Party At Matru Sewa Matimand Hostel.
4. Small Snacks Party At Arunodhay Institution, Nagpur.
5. Rice donation at slum area Nagpur.
6. Cake Cutting, Chips & Frooty party at Shradhanand Matimand hostel.

BETIYA Campaign:

“BETIYA” Campaign Details
Donation No. Date Location Cloth Donated Sponsored By
1 11/04/16 Matru Sewa Hospital, Nagpur 6 Dhiraj Gill
2 18/04/16 Matru Sewa Hospital, Nagpur 6 Dhiraj Gill
3 25/04/16 Medical Hospital, Nagpur 46 Himanshu Nagaria
4 08/05/16 Medical Hospital, Nagpur 74 Himanshu Nagaria
5 05/05/16 Matru Sewa Hospital, Nagpur 5 Rami’s Writing
6 29/05/16 Medical Hospital, Nagpur 72 Himanshu Nagaria
7 12/06/16 Medical Hospital, Nagpur 72 Rami’s Writing
8 26/06/16 Medical Hospital, Nagpur 72 Ankur Singh
9 17/07/16 Medical Hospital, Nagpur 72 Priyadarshini Mam
10 07/08/16 Medical Hospital, Nagpur 65 Mr. TT
11 28/08/16 Medical Hospital, Nagpur 79 Wasim & Kartik Sinha

Labour Day Celebration:
We have celebrated Labour Day by distributing smile on poor Labour family face (around 20 families). We visited their area; there we have arranged Ice Gola party and Ganna Juice party. Also we distributed new clothes & slippers to their children and old clothes to them and their wives.

Monthly Birthday Celebration:

Monthly Birthday Celebration
Donation No. Date Location Cake Sponsored By
1 03/07/2016 Platform gayan mandir school 4 kg VIPL

Study Time Campaign:
1. 9th class book set (9 subjects) donated to 44 students at Vidya Vardhani Govt. School.
2. 25 No’s School dress donated at Bhide Girls School, Nagpur.