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Old & New Stuffs Donation

We arrange old stuffs (clothes, furnishings, toys etc) from known as well as unknown people who wish to donate and give them to needy.

Food Party

We all know that children love fast food but those living in orphanage or slums can’t afford to eat them. So we arrange food party foe them where they can enjoy their favorite food like samosa, vada-pav, jalebi, ice-cream, cake etc. These food parties are sponsored by money received in donations. Many people wish to celebrate their birthdays with orphan children, we arrange that too.

BETIYA Campaign

We support “BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO” where we have targeted government hospital & provide weekly free new cloth, baby towel & mosquito net to newborn baby girls. Currently we have adopted 2 hospitals in Nagpur.

Study Time Campaign

We donate study materials to needy students of government schools. We also arrange free seminar on career counseling, motivation, painting, dancing etc. for them.

About Us

"PAY is a non-profit organisation"
We Help Needy People

PAY aims at fostering equality and helping marginalized groups of the society through various donation events and drives. This organisation was born out of a lot of middle class struggles which helped its founder to support the lower middle class society and their children to have the happiness they need. Only the founder understands of not having the thing needed to enjoy life during the corresponding age. Children of slum areas are deprived of many things as they have all the rights to enjoy during their age. Only the thing matters is the poverty they faces. PAY team completes their untold demand of not having. PAY organize the ice gola party, food party, etc. which gives a million dollar smile on their faces.

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